Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Home Again

We're home again! We picked the boys up in Missouri this weekend. Jerry & Elaine met us near Ft. Leonard Wood and so we were also able to spend some time with John Farris. He took Jerry to see the army base and the boys got in some extra swim time before dinner. Although it is good to be back, the kids def. miss their grandparents and cousins!

On Monday I went to the Arlington convention center for a classroom management workshop led by Dr. Harry Wong (author of The First Days of School). My friend, Pat, met me there and I certainly enjoyed having someone to sit with and eat lunch with! Most of the conf. stuff wasn't new since I own and have read Dr. Wong's book but I did pick up a few tips and pointers of some things I'd like to try. While I was at the conference, Mark held down the fort with the boys. Micah's GT tutor returned for another session and Mark & Jonah worked on getting the computers fixed.

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Melissa said...

Very cool that your boys had such a great time. :)