Wednesday, July 30, 2008

How to Make Lunch in 3 Easy Steps?

Jonah: (stretching and standing up from his Legos) I'm going to eat lunch.

Mom: You are?

Jonah: Yep

Mom: Can you make it on your own?

Jonah: Yep, that's what I'm gonna do. (pause) But I can't reach the plates.

Mom: If you get your step stool you can.

Jonah: Oh yeah. (Goes into the bathroom to look for it, then checks his room, then checks the dining room) I can't find it.

Mom: Did you look by the toilet or maybe under the sink?

Jonah: (running off) Oh, there it is!

A few minutes later.....I hear banging in the kitchen....

Mom: What are you doing?

Jonah: There are ants! And I've got to kill them!

A minute or two later....Jonah comes into the living room shaking the almost empty orange juice carton.

Jonah: Do you hear any juice?

Mom : No, I don't think so.

Jonah: It's all gone. (Goes back into the kitchen and yells from in front of the fridge...)

There's no milk. It's all gone. (Talking to himself....) We have to tell Dad no milk.

Jonah returns to the living room with an empty glass.

Jonah: There's no milk or juice.

Mom: You can drink water.

Jonah returns to the kitchen, checks the fridge again and comes back to the living room.

Jonah: We do have soda!

Mom: You can drink water.

Jonah returns to the kitchen and I wait a few minutes before asking if he's made his sandwich. "Not yet" is his reply. Finally about 15 minutes after he started he has a jelly sandwich!

*Editorial Note - The photo was taken a few days ago in the kitchen when he made himself a peanutbutter & jelly sandwich after playing outside with the water hose.