Sunday, October 19, 2008

Jonah & Sparks

Jonah was thrilled beyond words tonight because he got his 1st Sparks Book award/ribbon! I took a couple of photos but I will have to come back and edit the post with them after I download them to the computer.

On the way home from church we both noticed the glorious sunset at almost the same time. He responded, "I could just praise God!" I wasn't sure if he meant because of the sunset or the award or both but I had to smile at his comment. "Out of the mouths of babes" right? We did talk about how it wonderful it is that we can praise God ANYTIME and that it's important to "hide God's word in our hearts" not just for the ribbons or shares or rewards.

Ok so I think it's all pretty awesome for the following reasons....
1. It seems to be pretty hard for him to memorize scripture & he finally got to see some reward for his efforts.
2. He is so excited to get a new book that I think it's going to really encourage him to learn more scripture now.
3. It's encouraging to a mom's heart to see the Lord working in the lives of her kids.

Check back later in the week and I'll hopefully get some photos posted!

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