Thursday, October 30, 2008

Little Things That Make You Smile

It has been quite a week around here. Not only is Halloween tomorrow but this week is "Red Ribbon week" for Texas schools. Every day this week Jonah & I have had different "themes" ranging from "Elect to be Drug Free" to "Crazy Sock Day". I've enjoyed Jonah's enthusiasm all week. This morning when I told him it was crazy sock day he came up with some purple Halloween socks with spiders & spider webs on them. Def. not "normal"! LOL! It made me smile every time I looked at him or even thought about him. :-)

As you can probably tell from the carnival photos I took this afternoon, he had a great time.

Pony Rides


Showing off the Dino Head!

Photo shoot anyone?

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Jashley and Grant said...

Those pictures are precious! I love Jonah's love and excitement for life and trying new things! He's an inspiration!