Saturday, October 4, 2008

Simply Saturday - Jonah & Mommy's Day!

Simply a lovely day....

This morning Jonah & I dropped Micah off at the church so that he could go to Pine Cove. This will be his last year so hopefully he got a chance to have a great time and make some memories. Since Jonah & I had the day to ourselves we stopped by Signature Donuts for breakfast. Then we were off to get Jonah's hair cut at the Barber shop. We still had some time to waste before the 10:00 kids building workshop at Home Depot so we stopped at the Post Office & JoAnn's. After the workshop we had lunch at Chick Fil A before heading home. Quite a busy morning required a nap when we got home.

Of course, we weren't really tired but decided to close our eyes and then not open them again until Daddy got home!!!!

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Steve and Mary said...

Sounds like a perfect morning to me!!! :)