Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Greetings

MERRY CHRISTMAS one and all!!

As I write it is now almost "the day after" Christmas but I couldn't help but pause for just a brief moment and reflect that it is still "Christmas" for a few more minutes. :-) Today we had a lovely day of just hanging out at home with family. (Jerry & Elaine are in town visiting us.) The children enjoyed opening presents. Then we had a lovely breakfast/brunch cooked by Jerry. Some of us took naps and we all spent time sharing and playing with our new "toys". I won the award for longest nap taker and so I didn't actually get to "play" with my new Photoshop Elements. It is installed, however, and I'm sure I will be eagerly getting into it tomorrow and in the coming days before I have to head back to school.

Before I head off to bed here are a couple of Christmas Eve photos....

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Jashley and Grant said...

Merry Christmas! Your boys look precious and all grown up! Oh, that's awesome about getting Photoshop, what a great gift! Miss y'all!