Saturday, January 31, 2009

No Internet

Ahhhhh......after several weeks, the internet connection at our home was finally restored today. Mark also fixed the problem with access to our network. I don't understand what it was that Mark did but I wasn't able to access anything (read my PHOTOS) for the last few days. Now I'm good to go except for printing. Yea!

In recent weeks Jonah was awarded the Student of the Month award for his class and he got AB honor roll for the 3rd six weeks/semester. Here he is on the day he brought his sign home. :-) Notice the purple ribbon on his sweatshirt? After we took photos and were headed back inside he wanted to know, "Mommy can you scrapbook it?" Yes, my kids are fully indoctrinated now! LOL! I told him I could certainly "scrapbook it" and he promptly left it on my scrapping table. :-)

BTW, Micah also came home with a straight A report card for the 3rd six weeks/semester but is currently camera shy except for when Mom requires it for major holidays & birthdays.

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Steve and Mary said...

Hey girl.....I am not ignoring your email about getting together - I've been swamped at work, and all of us have been sick (except for Emily - she is still holding out!) Anyway, I will write soon!!! Love you!