Monday, August 25, 2008

Back To School Report

Micah, Jonah & I all had our first official "Back To School" Day today. Micah is a 6th grader now and Jonah is in First! They are both getting so old! :-)

Micah wasn't very talkative about school. He did tell his Dad that he didn't care for his new teachers. However, Dad & I suspect that might change as he becomes more comfortable with the "changes" in his life. I'll post more school details as they become available from him!

On the other hand & not surprisingly, Jonah was much more expressive today. He described his teacher as "cool", "awesome", and "nice". He enjoyed having music today and doing his "cool dance moves." (His words!) During recess they had a rule that "the girls had to play with the girls and the boys only with the boys". I asked him if that was going to be the rule all year and he was quick to say, "I hope not!" :-)

My day back was pretty quiet because I won't begin picking up my students until Sept. 8th. After dropping Jonah off in his classroom and taking a few photos, I spent the rest of the day laminating, cutting things out, answering emails, working on schedules and other little tasks to occupy the rest of my day. (I'll actually be REALLY glad when it's time to pick my kids up and get down to the actual job of teaching!)

*The top photo is of Jonah and his new teacher, Ms. Allen. I took it this morning in the classroom before school started.
** The other two photos of Micah & Jonah were taken this evening after dinner.

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