Monday, September 1, 2008

Birthday/Anniversary Weekend

Thank goodness today is Labor Day as we needed today to recover from last week and the rest of the weekend!

Last week the kids went back to school and Mom began her 2nd week back. Here's a summary of the week....

Monday - First Day Back for the Boys (Everyone!)

Tuesday - Meet the Teacher @ Northside (Mom)

Wednesday - Faculty Meeting & Baby Shower @ Northside (Mom)

Thursday - Meet the Teacher @ Ruby Young (Mom & Jonah)

Friday - Birthday Dinner for Mom at Don Pablo's (Everyone!)

Saturday - Lunch with Grandma, Papa, & Uncle James (Mom, Micah & Jonah)

-To the Magnolia Hotel in downtown (Mom & Dad)

Sunday - Home from the hotel (Mom & Dad)

- Family Birthday Dinner @ Breed House (Everyone!)

Monday - Day of Rest!!!! (I hope!)


senora_x said...

Happy Birthday! Hope your school year is off to a great start!

Ruth said...

Happy Birthday (late) Elizabeth! How fun to see your blog! God bless...