Monday, September 22, 2008

Night Time Randomness...

Tired but still wired tonight and it occured to me that I really haven't updated the blog in awhile....I should do that but I really don't have anything new or interesting to say. Tonight was Jonah's school picnic at Ruby Young. I think it's kind of a cool thing that they have that BUT it's tiring too just because it makes for a long day. I enjoyed getting to visit with so many people though....I guess it made me feel more a part of the RYE community and not just the outsider that travels in between two schools.

Here I am with Jonah's 1st grade teacher. One of the Kindergarten teachers took a photo of Mark & the boys & I with her camera. Hopefully it wil turn out and I will be able to post it later. (Yeah, that's a snowcone I'm holding! In September!)

I'm helping Cindy Johnson with her book club at RY too. I think it's a bit ironic that this is the first time in my entire life that I've even participated in a book club. It's fun. The kids had some really good insights and things to say today in the midst of some of their silliness. I think it's neat that they are getting a chance to just be themselves although we might have to seperate some of the girls so they can focus on the topic! LOL! If things go well, I'm contemplating starting one at Northside next semester or maybe next fall. Secretly, I'd kind of like to start a young author's club like the one I participated in at Amber Terrace in 5th & 6th grade but I'm not sure if I'll do that or not. That would be quite an undertaking to do by myself and I'm not really sure that there is an interest for that kind of thing. (Although, the NS counselor seemed to think I'd get some interest esp. if I had it during school hours.) My schedule is still somewhat up in the air though so I think it'll have to simmer as an idea in the back of my head for awhile.


Something (literally) just occured to me....I actually WANT to be a part of these schools now. It may not seem like a huge thing but it really is. I think going back to the same job position for the 2nd year was such a dream that the reality of it is still sinking in. Now I have a reason to be involved. It's almost as if I'm finally beginning to "unpack" emotionally. I'm beginning to dare to believe that I can "settle in" and put down some roots. That's such a cool feeling. I no longer go to work every day wondering if it'll be my last or if I'll need to go home and start working on my resume again. Maybe that's why I"m even considering book clubs, or enjoying myself and getting to know people at a school event.....

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