Sunday, November 9, 2008

Trunk or Treat & Micah

It wasn't intentional but I realized I didn't have any photos of Micah on the blog in his Halloween costume. This is for a couple of reasons but the main one is that Micah currently doesn't like having his picture taken. (But he does like taking other people's photos!!)

This year Jonah was a dinosaur & Micah was Peter Parker. For those of you who may not be current on all your superheroes that's the "normal" identity for Spider Man.

Photojournalism is apparently a serious job!

Hard at work....taking Trunk or Treat photos!
The results of his photography. Not bad if I say so myself! This is the famous Sparky from Awana. Notice Jonah peeking from behind because he wasn't so certain about seeing Sparky in real life! Mom, however, grew up knowing Sparky (& the guy in the suit) & had a great chat with him.

Notice the crowd behind us in the above picture? Tentative reports say that Faith had 2000 plus people in attendance at our annual Trunk or Treat. It was very crowded to say the least!

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Jashley and Grant said...

These pictures are very cute! I remember growing up with Sparky too! I'm so glad Faith had such a good turnout! How fun!