Friday, November 14, 2008

It's Friday!

Fridays just have a way of making you smile. Sure there's always the realization that soon it'll be Monday again but Fridays just are nice and usually have such a sense of accomplishment to them. :-)

Today not long after I got to Ruby Young I passed Jonah's class walking down the hallway. It's not unusual for me to see him in the afternoons but it was a bit unusual to see him that early. He smiled and we waved at each other. Then you could see a light in his eyes as in a split second he remembered the spelling test that he was carrying in his hand. He waved it and I saw the "100" written on the top. I gave him a thumb's up, he grinned and we were both continued on our seperate paths in opposite directions. It all took only a matter of seconds but my heart still smiles at the image in my mind. (Sometimes I wonder if that isn't something of what Mary must have felt in scripture when it says "she treasured all these things in her heart".)

I love it when I have the chance to see Jonah during the school days!

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