Monday, December 1, 2008

God's Age

This afternoon on the way home from school.....

Jonah: "Mommy it's Jesus birthday coming up."
Elizabeth: "mmmm hmmmm"
Jonah: "How old he is?"
Elizabeth: "ummmm God doesn't have an age"
Jonah: (to himself) "20"
Elizabeth: "How old do you think God is?"
Jonah: "I don't know. (pause) 21?"
Elizabeth: "Even older. Mommy is 30 and God's older than that."
Jonah: "100?"
Elizabeth: "God is older than the earth."
Jonah: "Wow. I think ....6 zillion and 7?"
Elizabeth: "Even older than that."
Jonah: (Muttering to himself) "60 zillion and 7 because I've been on the earth 100." I let the conversation die a natural death right there because I decided that he didn't quite have a grasp on time and he at least was getting the point that God has been around a LONG forever! :-) I wasn't to certain I was ready to tackle trying to explain to a six year old why we have a "birthday party" for someone who was "born" and yet has lived forever with no beginning.


senora_x said...

Kids sure make the holidays fun! I love what they come up with! Too cute!

Marci said...

LOL! Yeah, even adults have trouble with that concept.