Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thanksgiving Feast & Colonial Days

Mom & Jonah both had Thanksgiving activities at school. Jonah had a "bring your parents to lunch" Thanksgiving feast and Mom's school had "Colonial Days" which included making wax candles, butter, and colonial type games.
I helped with Kindergarten butter making and then drove over to have lunch with Jonah. Then I was supposed to be helping with 4th grade candle making but I ended up helping out with their butter making instead. The kids seem to be having fun and hopefully had some postive memories from this as well as some learning!

Waiting in line for our lunch.

Jonah's teacher took a photo of us after lunch.

Jonah shows off his placemat.
Our Northside Counselor demonstrating buttermaking for the kids.

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Jashley and Grant said...

Aww... these pictures are quite adorable! It really makes me miss RUBY YOUNG and all of the people in it!

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